1. 4 Steps To Saving For A Down Payment

    Saving for a down payment on your home can be a stressful experience. You’ve already probably been working hard for years trying to save up and having your sights focused on getting out of the apartment or townhome lifestyle and investing in something a little more personal and comfortable. If you…Read More

  2. Negotiating Home Fixtures: Who Gets What?

    Before buyers make an offer, they’ll want to be clear on what stays and what goes with the house, as well as what’s up for negotiation. In general, buyers keep anything permanently attached to the house. However, in some markets, there can be a gray area when it comes to appliances and custom-bu…Read More

  3. FHA Borrowers Get Help Funding Solar Panels

    A growing number of lending programs are helping homeowners pay the upfront costs of solar panels. One lender, Guild Mortgage, an independent lender, recently announced a program that allows home buyers to lump the costs of solar panels into an FHA loan. California residents will be the first to hav…Read More

  4. Selling your home in a sellers market

    There are many reasons to sell your home, relocating, moving into something bigger to accommodate your growing family, or even a smaller home because you’re prepping for retirement. Regardless of the reason, nothing can replace the value and expertise of a Realtor. At Paradise Realty we have Realt…Read More


    Love is in the air in the Real Estate world. Last year in 2017 we hit the highest share of first-time buyers who are unmarried since 1981. There are some risk buying with an unmarried partner but if you’re comfortable and trust each other, there are precautionary steps to take to ensure the deal g…Read More

  6. What you need to know about buying this Spring

    Every year during spring Real Estate does something, it blossoms. Due to low inventory, high prices, and rising interest rates, buyers are finding it a little difficult getting into starter homes. Here is what you need to know to help you. Prices are higher than ever in starter homes High demand cau…Read More

  7. Tips For New Home Buyers – Part 1

    Buying a home is one of the impactful and long-lasting decisions people will make in their lives, so there’s no wonder people want to prepare as much as possible and get it right the first time. In this blog, we’re going to talk about how you should be preparing for your first home buying experi…Read More