1. Homebuilding Isn’t Keeping Up With Growth

    America’s housing shortage is more wide-ranging than cloistered coastal markets, stretching from pricey locales such as California and Massachusetts to more surprising places, such as Arizona and Utah. Some 22 states and the District of Columbia have built too little housing to keep up with econ…Read More

  2. What you need to know about buying this Spring

    Every year during spring Real Estate does something, it blossoms. Due to low inventory, high prices, and rising interest rates, buyers are finding it a little difficult getting into starter homes. Here is what you need to know to help you. Prices are higher than ever in starter homes High demand cau…Read More

  3. Cash-out mortgage refis are back. Will homes become ATMs again?

    As interest rates rise, fewer households refinance their mortgages. And the refinances that do get done are often very different than those initiated during low-rate periods. “When rates are low, the primary goal of refinancing is to reduce the monthly payment,” wrote researchers for the Urban I…Read More

  4. Homebuyers becoming dispirited even as economic confidence grows

    Americans are growing increasingly confident in the economy and their financial situation, however, this is not translating into a more positive view that now is a good time to buy a home, according to the National Association of Realtors’ first quarter Housing Opportunities and Market Experience …Read More

  5. Facebook Sued For Discriminating on Housing Advertisements

    Several fair housing organizations sued Facebook on Tuesday, accusing the social media giant of allowing landlords and brokers to discriminate based on gender and family status on its advertising platform. They argue that advertisers could use the personal data of Facebook users to then target ads t…Read More


    Just in, the Federal Reserve announced they are increasing the federal funds for the time this year. Observers were predicting rates will increase by 25 basis points at the end of March, and sure enough, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. With our robust economy, the Federal Open Market Comm…Read More

  7. How foreign buyers buying ALL CASH causes a rise in prices

    Scott and Erica Rothenberg thought the years of scrimping and saving had finally paid off. The three-bedroom house outside of Elk Grove—an upper-middle-class suburb of Sacramento—checked all of the boxes: quiet neighborhood, quality school district, ample space to start a family. But the couple …Read More

  8. How to Set a Budget for Your Mortgage

    Buying a house is probably going to be the biggest purchase and investment that you make in your lifetime. It's important to get the numbers right. Buying a house that's too big for your budget can end up stretching you to the breaking point. It's happened to many homebuyers before you, and all too …Read More